4kcsq Fuel Filter Frustration Gone! (sort of)

Marc Sims avarlinqui@hotmail.com
Thu, 05 Jun 2003 14:28:13 +0000

Re below;-

I would suspect that on the more modern 80, 90, 100s the pump would be
slightly different due to the ECU controlled fuel valves.  Wouldn't the
pressures etc have to be different to a plate flow controlled system.

I'd be interested to know for sure though cause my 93 80q is totally ECU


>The same pump was used on many other cars ... including all fwd 4000's,
>CGT's and 4kq, probably 80/90 as well... but the newer model Audi's (80/90)
>aren't as likely to be found at the U-pull yards.  I would look for a car
>that has an obviously replaced pump on it... easy to ID because it will
>look new compared to the ones that have been living under the car for
>fifteen years.  I would not hesitate to install a newer used pump.  I would
>not bother with a fifteen year old used one, because you already have one
>of those.  Just be prepared that when you pull the pump you have a way to
>plug the gas line.  Otherwise the entire gas tank will drain onto the
>ground and create a dangerous situation.
>Dave C.

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