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Huw Powell audi@humanspeakers.com
Thu, 05 Jun 2003 15:11:12 -0400

> Are you saying that it is safe to use the less expensive 056 115 561G
> on my CGT (NG)?

No, just that I am doing it on my 90Q (same engine).  I tried to find
out the difference to make a decision, in the end I let convenience
decide for me.


82-ish Coupe
89 90Q
87.5 CGT "special ed" (short bus)

>>> What the difference between ones with a G on the end and ones
>>> without?
>> about $6 or so.  after discovering this whole "two filters" thing,
>> I went back to the inexpensive one for my car(s).  I believe the MC
>> turbo engine also calls for the expensive one.
>>>> The correct Audi # for the NG filter is 035 115 561, the number
>>>> you listed is for all other 5-cyls in the type 85, but not the
>>>> NG:
>>>>> Is Part # 056 115 561G the ocrrect Mann oil filter for an
>>>>> 87.5 CGT (NG engine code). It is listed for 81-87 Coupe, but
>>>>> no mention of the 2.3ltr NG engine...

Huw Powell