[V6-12v] 100s driveability problems

JGriff JGriff@JGriff.com
Sun, 08 Jun 2003 22:27:05 -0400

Try a new set of spark plug wires. The OEM ones start failing at about 60k
-80k miles. I had a similar driveability problem, and that's what it was.
If you have never changed your plug wires, this may very well be the problem.

FWIW, try to get a set from somewhere other than the dealer. The dealer
charges $40 per wire (or the used to... probably more now!!), so the set
will cost you about $240. I bought a replacement set, called Koolwires...
made by Borg Warner, from Pep Boys a few years ago. They had OEM ends on
them (they even had the four rings!!), and only cost about $140 for the
set. They may have to special order them... which might take a couple of
days to get. This set has lasted longer than the OEM wires!! If you
need/want the part #, I'll see if I can dig it out.

Good luck.


At 05:19 PM 6/6/03, Rokas Reipa wrote:
>Hey everyone. Been trying to resolve a low speed lurching/surging problem in
>my 93 100s 5sp non-q for a few months now, with minimal success. The problem
>is the following: In the rpm range of 800-1800, there is surging and
>lurching when attempting to accelerate.