CF&Son VW bus repro pics

Casting Fool
Mon, 9 Jun 2003 09:55:48 -0400

While waiting on the pics of the fog lamp dummy inserts to become available,
I thought that some here might be interested in seeing some of our other

While at this month's local VW club meeting one of the members graciously
took some digital pics of masters, in various stages of readiness, of some
of our repro parts for VW buses.

The direct link is  The pics may also
be accessed via our home page through the "Our Works & Projects" and
"Gallery" links.

(Grateful Dead fans can find the VW memorial ad to Jerry Garcia, and some
variations of it, for downloading at our family website at  Look for the graphic of our bus in the menu choices.)

TTFN - Mike Jackson
Casting Fool & Son
Augusta, GA  USA