New to list

Tue, 10 Jun 2003 02:49:13 +0000


My name is David and I am new to this list. Just came across it looking for
information. I do not own an Audi yet. And I am unsure if this is for all
Quattro's or just the newer ones. I am looking into buying an 1984 Audi
4000S Quattro for a reasonable price. I know nothing about Audi's except
they have been owned by VW since the early 1960's and they share many of the
same parts as the VW's. I do have some questions about this Audi I am
thinking about buying. I would like to set it up for Rally Racing. It will
be a weekend warrior car. What can I do with this vehicle? What are its
limits? Weak points when things break? Are there any websites for speed
shops that can help me tune this vehicles drivetrain and suspension? I just
want to have fun with this auto but I am a college student so am on a
budget. Wish I could afford more. Look forward to hearing from those on the


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