re. 1986 Coupe GT in Baltimore...need advice

ben swann
Tue, 10 Jun 2003 00:11:53 -0400


I'm in Annapolis if you want to run down here and have me check it out.

It could be as simple as a vacuum leak.  Or several sensors and
switches can throw the mixture off.

I just went through a car with a similar problem/combined set of
problems.  Things got progressively better with replacement of the temp
sender for the fuel injection system and correcting a faulty throttle
switch, and mixture adjustment, but still did not always run right.
Symptoms sound almost identical to yours.

We finally isolated the culprit - bad O2 sensor.  Disconnected it and
ran a few months 'til we could replace it.  Then it ran better than


[Just bought an '86 Coupe GT and love it when its running "right."
That being said, I'm looking for help with;
 - A good mechanic/shop in the city of Baltimore, MD
 - Help with a cold start problem (car is hard to start and runs rough
for a minute or two before warming)
 - Engine, when warm, sometimes run's rough.  Won't rev freely and
clean, power delivery seems to have "bumps" in it.  You can hear faint
hiccups in the exhaust note.  This happens accross the rev range...but
doesn't happen all the time.  Seems kind of like a bad tank of gas (I
did notice this for the first time after filling up a week or two ago
with regular grade at a Mobil.  I have driven the car down to 1/2 tank
and then filled with high test at different gas station.  I assume that
its a fuel or fuel-system related problem but don't know for sure.
 - There are some other items but I don't want to write a book here so
I'll stop for now.
Looking forward to some good advice, thanks in advance.