Refrigerant and rebuilding AC

Thu, 12 Jun 2003 17:21:29 -0500

I just recharged the system on my car for the summer, and I have to say tha=
t I found an awesome alternative to r-12 or r-134a.  I saw a message from l=
ast year in the archives about a product called Duracool.  (
m)  6oz of this product is equivalent to 17 oz of R12.  It's organic, and c=
ontains no CFCs, and it's also non-corrosive.  The best part is that it's C=
HEAP, and they ship it to WI, where you can't even buy 134a legally.  I pai=
d about $32 shipped for a kit to fill my system.  It can go right in with t=
he old R12 or R134a.  I ordered from and fedex delivered it =
a day later.  This stuff is really incredible.  I only needed 1 6oz can to =
make my AC blow like an arctic wind.  Plus, it only costs $7 per can if I e=
ver need to buy more to refill.  I think I just might buy a case.

It's the best solution for recharging, bar none.  It's hardly even worth tr=
acking down a leak in the system when it's so cheap(and still environmental=
ly friendly) to recharge.


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Date: Monday, June 9, 2003 7:21 pm
Subject: Refrigerant and rebuilding AC

> Related to the question about releasing refrigeratnt into the
> atmosphere...
> The last time I had to do an AC job (last summer), recovering the
> refrigerant was moot onna counta it had left the premises already.
> If this
> were not the case, I would have taken it to an AC shop and had
> them purge
> the system.  I feel that we should do this as responsible
> citizens, but I'm
> not under the delusion that the ozone layer disappeared for a day
> becauseone single car lost its load of R-12. (I'm not even
> convinced that R-12 from
> automobiles is really an issue with the ozoen layer, but that's
> anotherdebate.)
> My experience is that MOST AC shops want to do all the work
> themselves and
> charge you $$$$$$ prices for parts.  They will refuse to do the
> job unless
> you let them do the whole job...and this is especially true of
> dealerships.I understand why they wnt to do this - they're in
> business to make money.
> However, they don't have to live on MY money. Capitalism also
> means you have
> choices! If you look around and make some calls and are VERY clear
> that you
> are doing the parts replacement and only need the system charged,
> it, you'll
> find an **independent shop** that has no problem with charging
> your system
> when you bring it to them. The shop I found also replaced a bad
> fitting in
> the conversion kit I bought as I was changing my 1990 200 to R-134A.
> Results - low repair bill, functioning AC. Happy, happy, joy, joy.
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