Comments on MC pistons please

Per Lindgren
Tue, 17 Jun 2003 20:10:39 +0200

Hey all

I've just bought an MC engine for my car, an engine that is dismantled
due to the PO finding out the hard way that the MC engines are
interference engines. All 5 pistons have small valve head marks in them
(see picture link), I was wondering if it is safe to reuse these pistons
(after I smoothen them, of course). The local dealer wants $300 per
piston (yeah, I know there are ways to get them cheaper).

Oh, another thing, how do I tell if this engine is MC-1 or MC-2? The
engine code is MC 020 679, all references in TFA is for VIN, not engine
code. Not that it matters much, it comes with WR engine management and
all correct hardware for my car as it was previously installed in an Urq :-)

87 Cq