'83 UrQuattro - Whats it worth?

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I'll eventually going to do somewhat you proposing.I'm planning to buy an UrQ,
keeping it in shape and seat on it for a while.I honestly doubt that this model
will ever become a real classic, like a 60's muscle car.But, if I'm wrong in
this assumption, the closer you have to the original the better will be the
value on the long term perspective. This is true with any classic car. The
explanation I had about it from a knowledgable person is that anyone can buy a
late model and outperform the classic you have on hand (like an EVO or a STI
for the UrQ), but less likely at the time it was built. This creates an appeal
to the potential buyer, plus the other psychological factors like: my neighbor
had one, or I always wanted one when I was in HS, I had to sell mine when I
went broke, etc.

Common sense also plays a part.

Would you put your hard earned money in a heavily modified 30 years old sports
car? with who knows how many hours of hard drive?


Would you buy a bone stock, clean look, preferable with low mileage?

Bottom line is it is hard to look at an UrQ as an investment of money, but
rather the feeling of open the garage and drive it for couple of hours in a
sunny weekend.

This is all IMHO.



>From: ben swann
>To: quattro@audifans.com, urq@audifans.com
>CC: benswann@comcast.net
>Subject: '83 UrQuattro - Whats it worth?
>Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 09:50:50 -0400
>I'm following up on the subject that started with questions regarding
>sorting out the wiring on the '83 UrQ I just got.
>I'd be interested to know what the car will be worth when I'm done. I
>have 2 main objectives with the car.
>1) to have a nice car to play with for awhile as I sort out and modify
>the car for performance and for my own pleasure.
>2)eventually I will likely sell the car and more than recoup my time
>and money invested.
>I like to do things right, but not if I won't realize any return on my
>investment and time. I have found spending a lot on the 4kq's and
>others, that I generally can't sell them for what I have put into
>them. I'm hoping the Ur will be different, in that the car has more
>intrinsic value as a collectable. So with that don't want to do
>anything that will actually lower the cars value - no bastard cludges!
>How much are these cars going for once well sorted, good paint job and
>around 250-300 HP?.
>My initial plan is to get the car sound driveability wise, sorting out
>suspension, trans. and motor mounts, and all the things that add up to
>taking the car form being a bit of a clap trap to tight and smooth. I
>have the car so engine runs well, but could use some tightening up on
>suspension and drivetrain. Nothing obvious, but I'm sure there are
>issues like CV boot, ball joints, struts, brakes and mounts that I know
>I'll need to address.
>Once I take car of the above and get the car inspected, I can tear it
>apart and rebuild it if it is worth it.
>I would like to upgrade the engine with an MC engine, as that is what I
>have. Yeah, I know I can pop in a 20V 3B/AAN, but that implies some
>serious upfront investment, and at what return. I know I can crank an
>easy 250-300 out of an MC which I'll rebuild for the car, and will
>already have two motors to choose from.
>So just trying to get a take on how far I should go before I am just
>wasting my time and money, as I know I'll be personally satisfied with
>the car once wiring, dash and engine are upgraded and it shines with a
>fresh paint job.
>Also, is there any merit to retaining the factory paint or just paint
>it what evr color I would choose? This one is a metallic blue/green,
>nice, but not necessarily the color of my choosing.
>Not looking for pie in the sky values, but realistic price one could
>get from a nicely restored '83 Ur Quattro.

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