replacing tie rods

no1of consequence
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 18:10:23 +0000

try por-15 - its from resto-motive [i think] labs. amazing stuff desigend to
prevent rust. it actually works better when applied to rusty metal, but ive
had great luck with it on wire-wheeled metal. it forms some sort of ceramic
barrier over the metal, sealing it from ma nature. it's not water based,
which they claim is why it works so well. i used it quite a bit when i lived
in western MA. and it looks really nice.

i always got a chuckle from the last listed ingredient on the side of the
can - 'contens partially unknown'.


<<Also, once the new tie rods are on, what's the best way to prevent them
from rusting to hell?  I've heard a few things but don't know what to
believe.  One suggestion I received was to cover them with krylon brand
spray paint.  Another was to use axle grease all over them.  Any

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