where to get 4kq springs??????

rickert@whitties.org rickert@whitties.org
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 16:37:44 -0700

6/30/03 15:24:23, "Jason K Gray" <jason510@att.net> wrote:

> One problem here, the 4KQ front spring rate is around 110#/inch and the
>rears springs are around 160#/in. Moving the stock front springs to the rear
>will dramaticly SOFTEN the rear spring rate. Combined with stiffer front
>springs, this would make the 4KQ understeer even worse than it already does
>with stock springs. See my 4/22/03 post (below) describing my dabblings with
>stock springs.

I don't want to start a war here but both my personal experience of actually
running stock front springs in the rear of my 4kq and my knowledge of
engineering say this theory of lowered spring rates is highly doubtful.

I will stick to the "experimental results" and point out that I am not the only
one to run front springs in the rear of my car and neither I nor anyway else I
have ever heard of has experienced degraded handling when doing so. To the
contrary the handling improved with considerably less understeer and body lean
even before I added the rear sway bar.