Spain: I'd seriously reconsider her "trip" to Spain - NOT

Mon, 30 Jun 2003 18:50:26 -0600

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I strongly disagree. I think Barcelona is great! We spent some time
there a couple of years ago as we were heading down to Tarifa. We LOVED

One has to be careful, but it is all petty crime. As in any major city
in the world there are going to be people who are trying to steal from
you and rip you off. IMHO Western Europe is one of the safest places in
that regard. You are not going to get killed, and they don't have to
give you a non marked rent-a-car like in Florida, because you may be a

It is a lively city. She's going to have a blast. There are tapas bars
all around, and the night life doesn't really start going till late. The
beach is awesome and very busy when it's nice. Art and architecture
surrounds you. You cannot see buildings even similar to Gaudi's
creations anywhere else. I can email pictures directly if interested.

PS. Sorry for the lack of Audi content. We were driving a different
vehicle at the time, however I can fill you in on the import aspect of
it to Canada if anyone is interested.

Suffolk GameServer LAN wrote:

>Not to alarm you, but in 1998 Barcelona was very crime ridden.
>Simple purse snatchings and the petty stuff which seems aimed at tourists.
>(Non Spanish looking people) They (young men) work in groups and are bold.
>In the center of Barcelona (near the Hard Rock) is a central parking garage
>and train stop which they base their operations. Above is an open plaza.
>They took a camera bag from me at a red light from IN the car while
>distracting me by having one guy boldly try and open my car door. WTF
>AND they tried to take the car after I chased the guy into the maze of
>parking garage stairwells and subway stop.
>The only smart thing I did was take the keys with me when I chased him.
>FAR from.  Barcelona is a cruise ship start/stop for Carnival cruises.
>Not only do they get new credit cards, cash, video and camera equipment
>every week but the language barrier works to the crooks advantage.
>The police station on the main open market blvd from the
>Hard Rock down towards the port. (Stone arch building) has a LINE of crying
>women and couples who have been traumatized, robbed and thieved.
>That same Blvd has separate lanes for travel (one way) and is constantly
>"cruised" by young men on mopeds and cycles looking for prey.
>That city has underpaid overworked police who spend more time shuffling
>theft forms from foreigners.
>I'd seriously reconsider her "trip" to Spain.
>I'm well traveled/30's and ONLY Salvador Brazil targets tourist(s) more.
>-Scott in BOSTON
>South East of Barcelona is a Seat/Skoda plant where they make butchered VAG
>Now that you know...............DON'T GO!
>>>Audi content: does anyone near Barcelona have a TT Roadster in Amulet Red
>that would take her for a test drive? You'd have a friend for life!