Mineral Oil alternative

cobram@juno.com cobram@juno.com
Tue, 1 Jul 2003 20:33:25 -0400

<mikemk40@yahoo.com> writes:
> weeeelllll.... i was going to fit the whole kit but my
> local audi specialist said that they had never managed
> to get one apart without damaging it so i just changed
> the o ring that had failed
> one month down the road and it's still dry

I think they just prefer to opt for the easy markup on a rebuilt pump,
can't blame them.  That aside, I've installed the rebuild kit on several
pumps without any damage to same.  Only word of advise is to MARK the
orientation of the two halves before you take it apart.

I've also replaced single X cap Orings with pump in place,  no further
leakage for many moons.


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