Mineral Oil alternative

mike mikemk40@yahoo.com
Wed, 2 Jul 2003 01:51:30 +0100 (BST)

you might well be right...i don't use them to work on
the car...i just go and use their press when i need
it. I suspect the economics of "buy in a rebuilt pump"
vs "rebuild the old one" are different for workshops.

Do you change the bearings too?


 --- cobram@juno.com wrote: > <mikemk40@yahoo.com>
> > weeeelllll.... i was going to fit the whole kit
> but my
> > local audi specialist said that they had never
> managed
> > to get one apart without damaging it so i just
> changed
> > the o ring that had failed
> >
> > one month down the road and it's still dry
> I think they just prefer to opt for the easy markup
> on a rebuilt pump,
> can't blame them.  That aside, I've installed the
> rebuild kit on several
> pumps without any damage to same.  Only word of
> advise is to MARK the
> orientation of the two halves before you take it
> apart.
> I've also replaced single X cap Orings with pump in
> place,  no further
> leakage for many moons.
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