ETKA ebay crisis

Huw Powell
Tue, 01 Jul 2003 20:59:08 -0400

>>It's one thing to quietly distribute it among dedicated enthusiasts,
>>who could never afford it in the first place, so they can fix their
>>cars- it's entirely another to blatantly sell copies making thousands
>>of percent of profit on it.

> Not to be a wet blanket, and IANAL, but copyright infringement
> is illegal whether you do it for fun or profit.

Agreed... the ebayer might just as well argue that to hand out free
illegal copies infringes his right to sell illegal copies!

> Maybe "we" should work on getting VAG to permit private copies
> to fuel their enthusiast base.  But I think that would be a LOT of
> work.

It would be sweet if "they" sold model/year specific copies for a
reasonable amount ($15-50 each?) to the general public...

Huw Powell