Radiator Ducting for 4kQ/CGT

Huw Powell audi@humanspeakers.com
Tue, 01 Jul 2003 21:03:08 -0400

> Damn! Just got a call from John at IMPEX. The lower ducting is LNA
> through him as well (even though it is still shown on his web site).
> Any other thoughts? Would a 80/90/Cq duct fit? Anybody got the part
> number for the lower ducting for them?

the type 89 is totally different, unfortunately.

the type 85 "lower" duct is actually a side and bottom duct.  It goes
across the entire bottom frot he bumper to the radiator, and up the
engine side of the radiator as well.

I bought a new one for my coupe maybe ten years ago, it's still in
pretty decent shape, after several accidents, even.

>>Oh, anybody have any suggestion on how to make them last
>>as long as possible? Clearcoat them when I get them?

I'd say, just don't pressure wash them, don't beat them up, and they
will last ok.  They are just painted cardboard, though, so a good
coating of something very weatherproof might help.

Also, if someone had a new one, they could draw it and post it so people
could make aluminum copies.  Which I am surprised has not happened yet,
over the last five or so years - it is the single silliest "missing"
part on most type 85's, and pricey and hard to get, to boot.

> If they are metal, I think powdercoating them would work.
> I think the list standard is screaming yellow. Right, Huw?


Huw Powell