Intercooler 16 year service

Huw Powell
Tue, 01 Jul 2003 21:21:05 -0400

> I thought Brett was correct in this.  I have always been told that
> flat black objects radiate the most heat, which is why most
> freestanding fireplaces come in a flat black finish.

Brett is right, just not about the "blackbody" part, which is irrelevant

> Now whether the
> paint insulates more than it helps to radiate heat, I don't know.

You gotta use the right paint, one designed to insulate as little as

Just think about it, what do people do to reduce underhood temps in
extreme applications?  Use a special paint on their exhaust parts.

I suspect the high temp "barbecue" black paint might be a good choice -
although that might just be made not to burn below 1000 F.  Anyone
really *know* paints and can make a recommendation?  What do radiator
shops use?

Huw Powell