third brake light?

Huw Powell
Tue, 01 Jul 2003 21:23:08 -0400

> I understand that a third brake light became mandatory for new cars in
> the US starting with the 1986 model year.  I have an '85 and an '84
> 4kq.  Is there anything preventing me from taking the third brake light
> from a later model 4kq and installing it in mine?

Not at all.  I've been adding them for years, a cheap aftermarket one in
my 5kt, and then coupe.  Then I discovered the joy of parts cars and
used OEM parts and got something a bit nicer looking in there.

Just do a careful, neat job of wiring it in parallel with one of the
regular brake lights, and securing it on the parcel shelf or roof,
reasonably well sealed to the rear window.

Huw Powell