Audi 80 w/ Hot!! Air coming from Side Vents w/ A/C on

Kneale Brownson
Tue, 01 Jul 2003 23:39:24 -0400

At 10:08 PM 07/01/2003 -0400, shoemakersp wrote:
>I am interested to see if someone has a BTDT on this issue.  I have the same
>condition with my '84 CGT.  The A/C is currently not working, but I can have
>cool air coming out of the center and heated air from the sides.  I, of
>course, normally leave the sides closed, but it would be nice to know the
I have no CGT experience (actually only seen one once), but on the 4kq, the
heater valve gets so it won't shut off completely, so you get heat along
with the cool.  The cable to the valve loses its toughness somewhat and the
valve gets less smooth with age.  One solution is to disconnect the cable
at the valve for the summer and manually close the valve and clamp it
closed.  I just replaced the valve.