Soft brake pedal

Duncan Thomson
Wed, 2 Jul 2003 16:12:13 +1200

> Hello all. I have a question about the brakes on my '95 90 Sport Quattro. In normal use, the brake
pedal is really soft -- the car stops fine, but the pedal feel is very soft. (It's so noticeable
that when I had the car in for a stereo installation, they put a sign on the steering wheel to warn
people moving the car.) After a couple of pumps, though, the pedal feel is much harder.
> Any ideas what's wrong? Probably something expensive.  :-)

probably not, sounds like there's air in the system, and bleeding the system may be all that's

I would recommend you flush the system as well to make sure your fluid is good

there is normally an order in which you should bleed the corners, and if there's a bias valve, that
may need to be held open as well...

may also be a symptom of a leaking master or slave cylinder
if you pump the pedal up, and then keep pressure on it, will it slowly lower to the floor ...?

someone with more knowledge will no doubt chime in with the details, but it's not necessarily an
expensive problem :-)