Audi 80 w/ Hot!! Air coming from Side Vents w/ A/C on

Huw Powell
Wed, 02 Jul 2003 00:24:13 -0400

> I am interested to see if someone has a BTDT on this issue.  I have the same
> condition with my '84 CGT.  The A/C is currently not working, but I can have
> cool air coming out of the center and heated air from the sides.  I, of
> course, normally leave the sides closed, but it would be nice to know the
> why.

because the center is never heated.  you either get heat at the sides
and fresh in the middle or AC out of all of them (or fresh out of all, I
guess).  It's a "feature."

If you mean you get warm on the sides with the heat turned "off", your
heater valve probably isn't closed all the way when it's supposed to be.

Huw Powell