FP ebay crisis

Huw Powell audi@humanspeakers.com
Wed, 02 Jul 2003 00:30:41 -0400

> Refuse to help is more like it.  I see no reason to support the
> seller, by playing "tech support" for his/her customers.  If they
> paid $30-50 for that software, they can damn well go to the guy they
> paid the money to.  Sorry.  Far as I'm concerned, it's
> non-negotiable.  It's bad enough he's making money hand over fist;
> it's just insult to injury that all his customers are ending up here.
> It's even worse that his actions are endangering our access to the
> resource.

Whoa there bucko....

What we *do* here is provide tech support for a product the
*manufacturer* can't or won't help with!  Yes, our old Audis...

And just because you refuse to help the person, does that mean no one
else should?  There are posts I could reply to and don't, sometimes I
might even have a reason besides drunken stubborness, but if someone
else wants to answer... what the heck... let them.

> The FA is fairly difficult to come by, and even on the lists a lot of
>  people don't know about it until they've been on the lists for a
> while.  You know what?  That's a -good- thing.  It's a resource for
> people who really care about their older Audi, and it's passed around
>  mostly by hand- as it should be.

While in some marginal moral kind of way you are sort of right there,
you are legally wrong and trying to make a case that people illegally
sharing the software should have a cliquey monopoly on how to use it, etc.

So he bought it on ebay, so what?  if I had a copy, or if you had one.
we would also have obtained it *illegally,* so what's the difference?

Why not experiment with selling it for $10 a copy through Audifans until
we get asked to stop?  They might never ask... and then the cash would
go to helping keep the site running.

Sometimes I make myself laugh...

Huw Powell