FP Ebay crisis? Everyone's got an opinion....

Richard Hoffman billzcat1@hotmail.com
Tue, 1 Jul 2003 23:46:43 -0700

Hello all!
Since everyone has an opinion and this "information age" has given new merit
to uninformed opinion (such as myself :) ) I just had to post!

Anyway, my point:
I obtained my copy of the ETKA from the VW/Audi dealer.  I walked in, asked
the parts department for a copy, they went in back and got one for me.
Free.  Official, from Lexcomm and everything.  Said it was a few months old
so they didn't use it any more. Version was 6.2.  They even offered to email
me the crack for XP (which I actually got from the Qlist).

If there is such legal mumbo-jumbo about people getting sued, copyright
infringement, etc., then why does VW/Audi so gladly hand them out?  It makes
me a little mad; knowing that someone is selling them when A)they are so
freely handed around on the list  B)I know he is making $19.90 profit on a
$20.00 auction and C)people could be obtaining these for FREE from the
dealers they have grown to distrust and loathe so much.