A really silly, but serious, request

Nate Stuart newt@newtsplace.com
Wed, 2 Jul 2003 13:14:07 -0400 (EDT)

> I essentially want to know the rough measurements of the engine
> compartment, so
> that I can determine whether a particular engine/tranny combination might
> fit
> in the 80/90q or the 4kq platform.  I suspect if it fits in one, it's
> going to
> fit in the other.

Not necessarily. The 80/90 nose is very different than the 4kq's. There's
bunches(read: an inch or two) more room in front of the engine in the
90's. Really opens up just enough more room there for stuffing in
intercoolers, oil coolers, radiators, what ever. Plus the front of the
T89's is much nicer to work on to begin with (it all unbolts, no cut and
paste necessary).

If you're intending to stuff something big in one of these cars, chances
are the 80/90 would give you a bit more elbow room. But, why not go all
out, cut up the chassis, and mount the engine in the middle of the car?
They're already too nose heave anyway..... ;)

BTW an Audi V8 transplant has been done on a couple T89's, it'll fit. Mmm
torque on tap....

'89 90tq