A really silly, but serious, request

Dave Hord spokes@the-wire.com
Wed, 2 Jul 2003 13:49:00 -0400

Ha Ha!

Okay, I guess I can't leave everyone hanging!

I'm not planning on dropping in anything 'big'...in fact it's only .2 litres

I've been considering dropping a Subaru 2.5RS engine into the T89 or T85
platform.  I happen to have a good crew of friends who are either swapping out,
or know of plenty of guys doing STI swaps into their 2.5RS shells.

Andrew Hadjiminas in the US has a Subaru Imprezza running an Audi gearbox,
driveshafts and hubs. Note the 5kq wheels: http://www.eurosportrally.com/

That got me thinking...would it be possible to drop a scooby engine in an Audi.

Since I'm not one for Turbo cars, and 2.5RS engines can be had fairly
easily...why not!  I've got access to an engine I can measure, as it's
currently pulled and on an engine stand...but I'm not entirely excited to pull
my engine to measure the engine bay ;-).  Wrecking yards don't help as most
cars are 'front-enders' to begin with.

I'm not sure which car I'd do first, the 90q rally car in progress...or my new
4kq daily driver that is quickly becoming a track car for lapping days.  Both
are painfully underpowered, and the rally car really should be the first
project...but I'm just more of a fan of the 'track-car' hybrid.  For some
reason the Audi rally car just wouldn't feel right with a Scooby engine.  Maybe
it's like admitting defeat in the rally world.  I dunno.

MOST likely, this ain't going to happen.  But if the engine is cheap, and it
fits...why not!?!  Making the custom mounts might be a little, uh,
interesting :-)

I guess I should email Andrew and find out what he had to do to make the Audi
tranny bolt up to the scooby...

'maybe one day I'll own an Audiroo'?

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89 90q  330,000km as of Feb 26th.
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