Mobil DTE-13M
Wed, 2 Jul 2003 14:25:02 -0400

Mike Arman <> writes:

> But when the "word" gets out to less seasoned listers that DTM-13M
> (or whatever) is the inexpensive and correct substitute for Green Gold,

> people will run DTM-13 instead, and MOST of them will probably get away

> with it.
> . . and then one day, the local FLAPS is out of DTM-13M, and the
> parts monkey says "Well this is about the same", and in fact it is not,

> and is even FURTHER from the Pentosin specification than the DTM.

Can't happen, local Flaps doesn't sell DTE, only from lubrication
distributors, in 5 gallon pails.  I think it's used as a power winch pump
fluid for commercial fishing vessels, among other things.

> Now we are *two* steps removed from what should be in the car, and
> things are going to get spooky. Suppose the "equivalent replacement"
> attack the rack seals or the booster diaphragm?

A lubrication engineer on this very list once tested the seals etc.
They're rated for 30W motor oil.  Unless you're putting battery acid or
brake fluid in there, I don't know of any commercial hydraulic fluids
that would be allowed on the market that attack SAE rated seals the way
you've described.  I've come across a few (more than a few to be honest)
type 44's that had been running ATF for years sometimes, and the systems
still functioned normally.

>And the car is involved in  an accident because the brakes were not
working correctly? And some
> sharp lawyer who knows something about Audi discovers you were running
> wrong hydraulic fluid and makes a case that the accident is therefore
> fault . . . negligence . . . $$$$$$$$$$ . . . . and worse, if someone
> hurt or killed as a result of this . . .

What if a genetically altered 600lb chicken were to fall out of the sky
onto your car because genetically altered chickens are attracted to
Audi's with Pearl paint?  Ambulance chaser would still descend on it like
buzzards to the carcass....

"What if" scenarios can get pretty far out there.  Nobody should work on
their own cars either, I mean, change brake pads...what if they fail,
what if you do something wrong, what if, what if, what if you couldn't
brake in time for that 600lb chicken because you were distracted by the
starch the laundry put in your shorts, would the laundry be party to the
lawsuit after the lab that altered the chicken and you?

Reality check please.  If you cut all the lines in the hydraulic system,
you'd still be able to brake and steer, albeit without the assistance, I
ferried a 5KS with no pump for 150 miles to get it home, systems are
designed to work in the event you lose assistance.  You make it sound
like you're just along for the ride if anything fails, there'd be quite a
few less listers still breathing if this were the case....


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