Diff Seals

Brady Moffatt bradym@sympatico.ca
Thu, 3 Jul 2003 10:56:48 -0400

Hi Mohammed,

Not that I'm suggesting this as a long-term solution, but why don't you just
check the diff oil level and fill it up? Diffs have been known to "sweat",
meaning really slow leaks. You could possibly go all year or longer without
another refill.

Cleaning the area where the leak is would be a good idea too. That way you
can see new leakage clearly.

If you decide to change the diff oil, make sure you loosen the filler plug
first! I use Redline 75W90 GL5 gear oil.

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From: "Bhatti, Mohammed" <Mohammed.Bhatti@si-intl.com>

> Just wondering,
> What is the procedure to replace the seals on the rear diff?  I was told
by my mechanic that the rear diff is leaking presumably from the seals.
> thanks
> mohammed
> 88 80q - which I'm thinking of dumping
> bad rad fan
> leaky diff etc. etc.
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