Symphony 2 install in non-Audi?
Fri, 22 Aug 2003 23:50:12 -0400

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I'm trying to install a (I believe 02'?) Symphony II six disc CD with tape deck
in a non-Audi car.. how miserable is my life going to be in doing this?  I've
read that the CANbus is used for some features, and obviously my car won't
have that.. so what do I lose?

Here is the deck I bought (don't have it in hand, but that is what it looks

The translation of that page is a hoot, you have to press buttons until the
display catches on fire. :)  Anyhow....

I need:
All CD functions
All Tape functions
All Tuner functions
Display dimming with Headlights/dashboard dimmer

Stuff that I can live without:
Speed adjusted volume
Telephone/NAV muting
Coffee Maker
Other 'cool' stuff

I basically wanted a 6 disc with tape that has a red display and is an OEM
deck (theft deterance).. the Symphony fit those and was a great price so I
snapped it up.  Now I need to figure out if it will work.  So, will I have the
functions of a plain-Jane radio or is it going to be an uphill battle to even
get it to work?

I have found only one reference to the CANbus anywhere (which didn't say much
other than it's there and controls some stuff), and very little other than
that.. any help you folks can offer would be appreciated.  I'd love a wiring
diagram and a few answers, so hopeful you guys/gals have some!

Stuff I've found already that may help me down the road:
Rear pinout -[2]
Various Hidden Feature Links -[3]
BOSE on/off -[4] &[5]

After I get this to work (hopefully) I'm also going to want an Aux. input
too.. I found this:[6] and I
think that gets me there but until I have the deck, no clue.

Thanks folks, and I hope someone can help me!