design flaws in 4kq aftermarket catalytic converters
Fri, 24 Oct 2003 13:26:43 -0400 writes:

> Outlet flange does not have the bevel, and the straight section of
> pipe onto which the flange is welded extends to within 1mm of the face
of the
> flange. No way the doughnut can properly seat/seal.  It just rolls

> Any suggested fixes(aside from returning)?  I don't have access to a
> milling machine.  Even if I did, the challenge is to evenly cut a
> bevel.

Use a different exhaust doughnut.  They make them in all sizes, some are
semi-solid and will mold into the flange when tightened.  Any decent
parts/exhaust shop should have a large selection.  Liberal application of
muffler cement will help guarantee a tight seal.


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