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> It has been amusing watching all the bull that has
> accumulated in 
> this thread.  If you guys are going to yack
> off-topic, at least trim 
> the quoted text like I have, okay? :-)

Now why did you have to go and ruin my fun??  Geez.
I never bothered to verify the RFID in the 20 story...
but I don't much care if it has one or not.  I do
think that RFID devices in US money are soon to come,
but it's to prevent counterfeit, not to track my
movement.  It doesn't matter because I'm always broke!
 I think the truth lays somewhere in between the two
extreme views.  Those that fear big-government and
those that think the gov't only means well for

So maybe the pulse idea is too far fetched...hmm
unless you employ microrobots to crawl over the car,
get into the engine bay, and disable the car's brain!

Since when does a spike strip cause a slow deflation? 
It's still an unsafe, unpredictable practice in my
mind, especially if the perp is running at a high rate
of speed.
Since when is it practical to get in front of the perp
running?  It's not practical in hardly any situation
unless the dimwit never turns.
My whole point was that a car chase is dangerous for
everybody, and shouldn't happen. My wife and I almost
got smashed to smithereens here in Dallas because 6
cops were chasing some idiot in a jeep through city
streets, during a busy time of day.  The jeep barreled
through the intersection I was in well over
60mph...with the cops right on his tail.  To make it
through the intersection they all had to drive on the
median and thread themselves between my car and a
pole.  There was barely enough room for it, and I
thought that jeep was going to roll right over my car
(He was lifted and big nobby tires)  When I saw that
big left front tire compress and the suspension
leeaaaan over on the edge of the median 3 feet from me
I thought for sure that was it for us...
But I'm sure my '99 AUDI (<--content) A4 would have
held up and kept us safe...
I know darn well that the jeep driver would not have
been taking those kinds of chances if...gee...nobody
was chasing him.  A few minutes later, several
emergency vehicles went flying by, presumably to
scrape the jeep driver (open top) and his woman (she
had a look of horror on her face when they flashed by)
off of the pavement.  Hopefully nobody else.
I guess not chasing a perp is ill-suited to the
type-a, wrestle-mania personalities on the force.

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