how are 5k seats mounted?

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Apr 1 16:18:51 EST 2004

>>On my old F250 I'll be building a frame to hold the rails (I cut the 
>>floor out of the donor car) and front bolts so I can have heated power 
>>leather bucket seats in it.  Someday...
> What did it take to cut the donor car floor out?

I used an air chisel (which was cheap).  It took a couple of hours, I 
cut out each side separately.  Some of it, the inboard sides at the 
tunnel, is slow going because the sheet metal is doubled up.

The key, to me, was to get both rear rails and the front mount all at 
once so I could maintain their alignment.  After mounting them to a 
support frame of some sort I'll cut off the excess floor pan material, 

Huw Powell

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