Convertible '87 5000CS QT

Britt Crowell britt at
Thu Apr 1 19:53:31 EST 2004

So I have officaly loast my mind as my GF puts it. Plan is to get the old parts car, no heater, not runnin, leaking somewhere in the back no turbo 87 5000csqt running somehow, then weld the doors shut and cut the top off. Any BTDTs???? The bright side of things is that I wont have to worry about fixing that drivers side door handle.

On the slightly more serious side, I want to get the engine running first. I have recently donated the turbo from that car to my 89 200. So how can I get the car running without a turbo???

Happy April 1st but I'm not joking.

Britt Crowell
Crowell Consulting Inc.

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