More Nutty projects[Convertible '87 5000CS QT]

Fifield, Douglas Douglas.Fifield at
Mon Apr 5 10:10:09 EDT 2004

Ben imagined:

> I have one I have not told my wife about yet.  I am 
> contemplating turning the rear portion of the '87 pearl avant 
> and making a trailer out of it.  <snip>


A guy I used to work with did just that with a 55 Chevy.  He had a
beautiful, restored 55 that he and his wife drove around to car shows.  He
made a trailer out of another 55 using the front end (lights, grill,
shortened hood) mated to the rear (fenders, trunk) in a seemless join and
then painted the trailer to match the car.  It was quite a site.

Douglas in MN
95.5 //S6Avant - mine
98 Mercury Mountaineer - her work sled
98 Toyota RAV4 - for sale
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