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Huw Powell audi at
Tue Apr 6 02:53:26 EDT 2004

> Thanks all for input on the lights.  I, being somewhat challenged on 
> many levels, have no clue if I am using H4 bulbs (or exactly what the 
> stock bulb designator even is). 

They are 9004's, a horrible bulb.

> Just started on 
> this venture so I don't know about color temps/blue/silver/white/yellow 
> etc. 

OK, here's the deal.  You know why the sky is blue?  because shorter 
wavelengths are diffused more than longer ones (red, yellow) in our 
atmosphere.  In other words, "bluish" headlights are tougher on oncoming 
traffic, and less useful to the driver.

Also, the shorter wavelengths cause the pupil to contract more than 
longer ones (hence the red illumination on most really cool Audi 
dashboards).  This is a double assault on the road, doing nobody any 
good (except for the "cool" factor, which ain't always cool).

> I am seriously considering replacing the lenses as well as mine 
> have certainly seen better days.  Thoughts??  My model is an 87 5KCSTQ.  
> What's a going rate on replacement lenses, new/used?

Without exact figures, keep in mind that simple replacement OEM 
headlights cost as much as Euro headlights.  And the euro ones are what 
Audi designed for the car.

The H4 bulb in an appropriate lens is a wonderful low beam - it has a 
sharp cutoff that keeps the light on the road and out of other people's 
eyes, and still has a very nice high beam pattern.

> I have seen serious glare from other headlights (usually from the 
> japanese import set).  I don't really want to venture too far off topic 
> here, but what about the headlamps from the newer Audis?  I sometimes 
> drive my friends 2000 S4 (veeeerrrrry nice).  Is everyone else out there 
> being being blinded by his stock headlamps?

Not as badly as you might think, since the HD lights usually also have a 
sharp cutoff (no glare except on bumps and odd hills) and might even 
have a levelling device in them to minimize the problem further.  But 
they cost a lot more than the euro-spec lenses for your car and would be 
a lot more trouble to install.  If you can even get them.

> Driving w/ crappy nightime illumination

One answer, one answer, one answer (ok, I've been listening to too much 
talk radio, now that it is 24/7 on!).

One answer.  Get the headlight that was designed for your car, the Euro 
version, and wire them so they are powered via relays directly from the 
alternator or battery jump post.  Nice harnesses that need very little 
modification can be had from a number of sources these days.

Huw Powell

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