looking for us lister to buy something and ship to me

Alan Pritchard apritchard at seaeye.com
Tue Apr 6 08:40:28 EDT 2004

Hi guys, become a victim of crime, my car was broken into, stereo and cd's
stolen, total cost to me, 500-600 pounds, plus a door lock, and a few hurs
of my time, very p'd off, stereo was less than 6 months old, and it happened
less than 10 foot away from where I was sleeping. So anyway, last time I
bought my stereo on ebay from the us, but I got really stung on import duty.
In the end a 200 pound stereo cost me 275 pound, while the list price here
was 330 pound iirc. What I am after is a friendly, reliable us lister, who
if I send some money via paypal, and a link to a suitable replacement, could
purchase it for me, remove the original packaging, and repack and send it to
me as second hand goods please. Obviously I will put soemthing their way for
the effort, please reply directly. Thanks.

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