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Tue Apr 6 08:43:33 EDT 2004

I second the motion for e-code headlights. The DOT optics are terrible and there is nothing you can do to "fix" them. Thge best mod I have ever done to a car was to drop E-code H4s into my CGT. That said, you might see some improvement by using a relayed harness on your stock lights. And if they are, by chance, 9004 bulbs, converting them to 9007. 9007s have a slighly better low beam pattern, but for really good partterns, you need to go E-code.

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SE Virginia
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Date: 2004/04/06 Tue AM 12:12:04 EDT
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Subject: Re: silvania silver bright - headlamps

> Has anyone tried using the Silvania Silver Bright lights in an 87 
> 5KCSTQ/other models?  They seem to be getting mostly positive reviews on 
> some WRX lists.  At a local FLAPS they can be had for about $25 per.  
> Any thoughts or opinions?

Sounds really expensive for something that will mostly just create glare 
for oncoming traffic...

> Tired of the _lack_ of illumination from my stock headlights,

What's your ride?  Many older US Audis started with poor lens designs, 
and got worse as they got pitted and worn.

I dropped about $500 on a set of euro lenses for my $300 '89 90Q and it 
was worth every penny.

Huw Powell
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