re. I-5 motor: Gasket sealer or forget about it???

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Tue Apr 6 14:27:54 EDT 2004

I use Permatex Sealant or equivalent - black gooey stuff in a small can (usually).  I have used this for as long as I can remember with no leaks, unless the surface was really botched.  This stuff remains pliable/workable for some time.  Best to claen surfaces good with alcohol or appropriate solvent, but this stuff will work even if there is oil present.

For higher temps, the Copper gasket spray is good.

For exhaust  - High Temp red Red RTV is good, and I have even had the stuff hold up in manifold to head - used once with a header and the header cracked, but the sealant was hanging in there just fine when the header was replaced.  I still use it around exhaust flanges, as I have had not problems with leaking and don't have to overtighten to get a good seal.


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I'm looking for some advice about using a gasket dressing or RTV on my newly rebuilt engine block. I know there's no need to put anything on the head gasket, but my concern is for the oil pan gasket, front oil pump gasket and the valve cover gasket. BTW, I'm using the windage tray so I have 2 oil pan gaskets... don't know if that makes much difference wrt gasket dressing. I'm just wondering if the gasket  dressing would be useful for these areas or actually cause more harm than good. When I pulled the engine from the car, it was covered in oil...I think mostly from the pan and rear seal, and of course a little from the valve cover. I would like to avoid a repeat of that or having to fix a leaky gasket. Any advice on this or any other place I will need it?

Also regarding this... what type of gasket sealer is best to use? I have red high-temp RTV and HPF Hylomar too. The HPF Hylomar is a little weird cuz it doesn't cure... just stays sort of goopy. Don't know if that's good for some areas or what, but I'd love to hear some advice/explanations. Thanks much.


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