I-5 motor: Gasket sealer or forget about it???

Richard van der Hoff quattro at rvanderhoff.org.uk
Wed Apr 7 05:01:25 EDT 2004

Huw Powell wrote:
> The most common source of engine covering nasty goo in my experience is 
> leaking cam cover gaskets.  I think this is because the torque 
> requirement is very low, and many might get over-torqued when what they 
> really needed was a new gasket.  Both my 5 cyls, one with about 300k and 
> the other about 260k or so are completely oil-leak free, with any gasket 
> replacement done with no extra ingredients.

Whereas I replaced the gasket on mine and torqued it up carefully, and 
still it leaks like a seive. Bah and humbug.

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