Injector mounting in manifold/intercooler sensor location

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I am not trying to skimp on hardware, but if the CS injector will work, why not use it.  I have heard others have used one, but don't know if results were ideal.   I realize location is crucial, and think that this is the way to go and don't know why I didn't see it before.

I have an injector Javad supplied along with the supplementary controller.  The installation and fitment  time and materials required to install that injector is far greater than using one that mounts like the CS injector, even though Javad did provide a nice set of hardware.  I had made a nice setup before, but the location interfered with the hood release, and just didn't fit right.   Consider it a personal preference.  I prefer to use a stock location if available.  I also prefor to use available resources if they will work.

Otherwise looking for a substitute - an injector that will mount the exact same way a CS injector does, but can be used for EFI.

If this is not available, then I will install the other injector, but installation would necessarility be somewhat of a cludge, IMO.  I know I can make an adaptor to fit in line bu using some hose or modifying the MM Hose, but  if I don't have to, I won't.   The temp sender mount at the top of the intercooler seems optimal, as if  that was its true pupose in life, and the manifold boss, well that was originally used for the sensor.  It all makes sense.

So, ideally would like to know if it will or won't work, or what part number/source for an injector that will function properly  - one that can be pulsed and supply the correct amount of fuel.

Soon I will be doing a full blown EFI on the engine in my UrQ.  For the avan however, I have three or four CIS systems that I can source parts from, and CIS has worked fine for this application, there is no need for it.  I just wan't to add a little bit more fuel in the avant.  I presume, with the proper injector if it can be found,  a single injector can add as much as I want until the fuel pump won't provide any more.  i suppose I sould even run the car off a single injector, but that is not the idea.


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Im pretty sure if you locate the inlet temp sensor in its intended location,
it will work.
If you are spending the money on a nice piece of kit like 034efi, why skimp
on the injector?? Perhaps it would work, but why not just spend the extra
and get a few proper efi components? Or indeed take the next step and go
totally efi? Im sure a friendly machine shop could make you a bolt in
adaptor to go in the cs location to take an efi injector and retain it quite
easily. If not Ill draw one up for you ;) I have an na i5 inlet manifold,
and a set of bosch injectors currently sat underneath my cad workstation ;)

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I'm following up on thest questions.

I'm toying with putting a cold start injector in the place where the air
temp sensor is and using the boss in the manifold for the air temp sensor.
It seems that this should work fine, as the boss was used for the temp
sensor on earlier cars.

So questions are:

1)  Will the inlet air temp sensor should work fine if located in the boss
on the manifold just past the throttle body?

2)  Will a cold start injector work fine as a supplementary injector, or
should I procure an alternate injector?  What alternative can be used if
need be - it would be nice to find one that fits the mounting of the CS

I plan to use 034EFI supplemental controller to fire the injector.


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