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Wed Apr 7 12:11:04 EDT 2004

Hi Javad

Thanks for lots of your replies. I have got good answers.
I would like to know others good  Audi forums (other than Audiworld) that
you can recommend to me ?


Good work for your new 80tq project, it become very high quality and
professionnalist project. Was a pro project  on the MC-2 too ;-).
Good 034.

I realise where come from 034 , it s from group number for parts, i say that
on ETKA, fuel component group i guess, right ?

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> Hey all, as some of you may have noticed (or not ;)  I've been pretty
quiet on the q-list lately.  I've turned off reciving mail for the time
being, I've just gotten so busy with 034efi and a couple other smaller, more
focused forums that I just don't have time to sort through all the emails
any more.
> I'll send updates about 80tq as I have them as well, currently 80tq has
been under the knife getting its new 20v motor built and some other fun
stuff, I'll send over an update when there is more to show.
> I'm still subscribed, however, and would love to chime in or give my
opinion if ever needed -so feel free to always cc me on a post and I'll be
happy to jump right in.
> Its been a HUGE learning experience for me since I first subscribed back
in the mid-90's and been a really big part of my life and I've loved being a
part of all the projects, discussions, arguments and friendships gained.
> Again, I'm still here and would love to be involved if needed.
> Best,
> Javad Shadzi
> www.034efi.com
> www.80tq.com
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