5KTQ-Runs!!-PW Lights Stay ON

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>Hi Tony!!
>"As for the shifting, there is a ball and socket joint
>on the transmission that tipically gets loose."
>This is not the ball and socket on the shift stick
>itself right? That one seems just fine.
>Are you refering to the same "dogbone" Nick referred
>to? See msg on quattro at audifans.com.
>Thank you all!!

The "dog bone" is a short metal link with a tough plastic socket on each 
end. You can get to it from under the car, making absolutely sure the car 
is well supported, because you may have to apply some effort to get the 
ends to "pop" onto the ball fittings on the tranny. Put one end on, pry 
gently against the tranny tunnel with a large "enforcer" - I used a big 
screwdriver, but don't tell anyone. A dab of grease helps.

The length of the dog bone is adjustable, there is a specific setting which 
you make before you install it, it is in the Bentley (don't remember it).

I bought a used one for $20 once, it worked perfectly and totally restored 
the smooth shifting we are used to.

Best Regards,
Mike Arman

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