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Phil Payne quattro at
Mon Apr 12 06:10:15 EDT 2004

> Graham and I may be taking a trip to Europe in a couple months (our
> ultimate destination is Slovakia in Eastern Europe) and due to plane
> ticket prices we may end up flying into Frankfurt and driving.  We will
> need to rent a car and I was hoping for some recommendations from
> Q-listers who might have done this before.  Our ideal car would be
> something like an A3 TDI as it's not something that's available in the
> US, is reasonably small (and therefore cheaper to rent and operate) but
> still fun.  Going into Eastern Europe complicates matters a bit (most
> places don't allow it and those that do charge you an extra 20% for it)
> so I want to get started on this ASAP.

If it's really _cheap_ you want, check out Icelandair.  I'm surprised there aren't any cheap
direct Eastern Europe airlines flying - they're usually a lot cheaper than Western airlines.
And don't forget the train - there's been massive investment in the old East German network
and the ICEs are just something else.

You can do this online.  Beware you don't inadvertently rent a Smart - not really suitable for
such distances.  Eastern Europe doesn't matter so much now as it did before the Wall came
down - back then it was a real no-no.

Make a note of the World's Most Useful Phone Number - +49 69 6901.  From the USA, 011 49 69
6901. It's the switchboard at Frankfurt Airport.  They can connect you to ANY airline, ANY car
rental, ANY hotel chain, etc.

"Flughafen Frankfurt.  Bitte warten.  Frankfurt Airport.  Please hold the line."

And they've all got computers, so it doesn't matter which individual you reach - you can still
book a flight from Amsterdam to Zurich and reserve a hotel there.

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