LAC! Dawn of the Type44 Dead

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Be careful of what you say......he's probably a lister ;)


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My wee anecdote of this morning:

So I'm at the dry cleaner gathering my clothes out of the back of my '87
5ktq. There's a scary looking and acting guy walking my way, but I continue.
I notice he's walking slowly towards me! Scary big-city moment. Where's my
howitzer!? He approaches the trunk and in a very antagonistic tone asks,
"Lemme ask ya sumthin. How in the HELL do you keep that thing RUNNING?! I
had a 100, it was the biggest piece of sh!t I ever OWNED!" [insert sarcastic
door handle response here]

I'm perplexed. Flee or fight? Does he want to kill me, or attack the car? Or
find the fountain of Audi youth? I continue on without not
provoke or confuse it. He walks away as if he never asked the question.
Maybe he's headed over to the guy with the Peugeot 505? The lady in the Fiat
124? Anyway, murder avoided. Weird Audi moment documented.

Gotta love L.A. (it's the people I'm not so sure...)

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