timing belt tools - cant find the answers

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Mon Apr 12 22:33:07 EDT 2004

> i have been reading archives here as well as other sites and cant find
> the exact answer to the question of why do you need to lock the balancer
> to remove the bolt?
> from what i see, there is a key on both the crank and cam, and as long
> as the timing is right prior to removing the belt, why do you have to
> keep it from turning?  all that can happen, in my view, is that the
> motor can turn over.

Yes, exactly.  You can turn that bolt CCW all day long, and all you're 
gonna do is run the engine backwards a few hundred revolutions.

The crank locking tool stops the engine from turning when you try to 
loosen/tighten the big bolt.

Huw Powell



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