Rasafrassin' nogood blickablackin' risafrassin...frontcrankshaft oil seal (CGT)

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Mon Apr 12 22:34:37 EDT 2004

>>I second Pat's suggestion. Don't waste money or time on 
>>removing the front seal like that. I personally wouldn't 
>>trust my luck to use sharp tools around a sealing area of the 
>>motor either. Just pull the oil pump out and you can pop out 
>>that seal w/ no effort. You'll need to remove about 5+ bolts 
>>on the oil pump including the one for the idler pulley (but 
>>leave the pulley in if you're not changing it)

> So how do you get the oil pickup tube off the pump then?

Good one, Chris...

By the way, the timing belt idler should *always* be replaced.

Huw Powell



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