Rasafrassin' nogood blickablackin'risafrassin...frontcrankshaft oil seal (CGT)

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My data point is 5 cyl MC motor.
And yes, it is like 4 cyl VW.

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blickablackin'risafrassin...frontcrankshaft oil seal (CGT)

> I have been trying to figure out what the freak you guys are talking
> about.
> You don't even have to mess with the oil pump.  The oil pump is BEHIND
> the front seal cover.  
> 4-5 small bolts and the front seal cover is off.  
> Use a wood dowel to drive the seal out so you wont nick the bore, put
> the new seal in.  

Oh what engine???

The Audi five cylinder (10v at least) front crank seal is installed 
directly into the oil pump casting.

I refer you again to the NeverStart file:


Where you can see it quite clearly.

Huw Powell



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