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Chris, you're right, the tube will get in the way if you don't loosen up the pan bolts and remove it first. (At least you can clear the built up gunk in there...) It would probably be most of the pan bolts if not all that need to come out. I think the rear pan bolts may be hard to take out w/ the subframe in place. Maybe loosening the front subframe bolts would help. I recall from the manual that you can remove the oil pan w/ the engine in the car though. 

Pat, I guess maybe you're talking about the stamped steel timing belt backplate... The one w/ the stud in it and attaches to the front timing belt cover. I would have thought that would already have been removed, and I don't think that alone will give much more room. I'm talking about the cast aluminum oil pump housing that the crank seal actually sits in. It just makes things much easier to be able to tap the seal forward from behind, than to pull at the seal between the housing and crank. I don't know if there is any difference in parts between 5k's and coupes, but I always thought most parts of all 10v's were pretty much the same... in terms of gaskets and seals at least.

This is just my opinion... Some people find it harder to loosen bolts in a tight area, where as others might find it harder to pull a seal and end up with nothing left to pull on. Whatever floats your boat...


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I have been trying to figure out what the freak you guys are talking

You don't even have to mess with the oil pump.  The oil pump is BEHIND
the front seal cover.  
4-5 small bolts and the front seal cover is off.  
Use a wood dowel to drive the seal out so you wont nick the bore, put
the new seal in.  

You probably need to change the seal cover gasket and oil pan gasket
anyway if the front seal is dry and leaking. 

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> I second Pat's suggestion. Don't waste money or time on 
> removing the front seal like that. I personally wouldn't 
> trust my luck to use sharp tools around a sealing area of the 
> motor either. Just pull the oil pump out and you can pop out 
> that seal w/ no effort. You'll need to remove about 5+ bolts 
> on the oil pump including the one for the idler pulley (but 
> leave the pulley in if you're not changing it), and you'll 
> also need to remove the 2-3 oil pan bolts that go through the 
> aluminum oil pump housing. Make sure to get a new gasket oil 
> pump housing gasket too. To get my old oil seal out I just 
> flipped the housing over and used a flattened chisel to push 
> it out the front of the housing... just took a couple taps to 
> get it out. Make sure when you replace the oil pump housing 
> that the crank engages the cutouts in the oil pump gear or 
> you won't be able to get the housing all the way back on. 
> BTDT. good luck.
> -Ameer

So how do you get the oil pickup tube off the pump then?

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