100LS grille on 5kcstq update

illuminaudi at comcast.net illuminaudi at comcast.net
Wed Apr 14 17:52:06 EDT 2004

Good news and bad news:

Bad news: Genius that I am, I never pulled the headlight buckets from the donor 100LS, and a year later, the car is no longer in the yard.  I already have a pair of buckets from the later 100/5000 models, but they are spaced too far apart for the openings in the grille, and the screws for securing the rings and aiming the lights interfere as well.

Good news: The headlight buckets from an early model Scirocco are spaced properly,   the ring mounting screws are in the necessary "triangular" pattern, and they are adjustable from the back with nifty plastic thumbscrews, much like the actual 100LS buckets.

The only "problem" is that where Audi ones were capsule shaped, the VW ones have a marker light bracket as on later 4k or 5ks.  This causes some interference with the outer grille openings, but the extra metal will be nice since a little cutting, bending and drilling will make them fit perfectly and will probably eliminate any need for welding or extra bracket fabrication.  (The '72 100LS had corner lights mounted in the sheet metal, so the buckets had no provision for them and they sit too far forward in the grille for the Turbo markers to be mounted directly to them.)

Hopefully I'll have this finished up in the next week or so with pics and a full BTDT.  I'll probably have a template for cutting and bending the Scirocco brackets as well.


'86 5kcstq (Ur-satz 100q?)

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