Hood release and community notes

Matt Suffern msuffern at lycos.com
Mon Apr 19 20:56:52 EDT 2004

Big thanks to Huw and especially Scott (who provided an image) and everybody else in my hood release dilemma.  I managed to fish a coat hanger through the front grille and hook the driver side release mechanism--hood popped up like a charm.  Now I'm just waiting on that new cable...

This list is great.  I don't say that lightly--I've been in the import community for a while, mostly Japanese sports cars like Z's, Supras, and RX-7s, and you all respond with overwhelming assistance to queries other communities wouldn't bat an eyelash at.  In a lot of ways this list reminds me the old first-generation RX-7 email list I was a part of, and I can see the similarities between the two that have an effect on the average quality of discussion.  Granted, every list has their "characters," or people who just don't see the cars the way the rest of us do.  However, as was the case with the first-gen RX-7 list, overall everyone here is remarkably articulate (very rare), works on their cars themselves (rare too), and the most significant--you guys see past the superficial "curb appeal" or trendiness of a car, through to the qualities that really make a car endearing, regardless of power or speed or cornering prowess or what have you.  You'd be amazed (or perhaps not) at ho
w prevalent the nauseatingly image-oriented 2Fast2Furious mindset is in other forums, and what a breath of fresh air it is to find myself among people who see something amazingly "cool" in 15+ year-old Audis, as I do.

Thanks for indulging me, and thanks again for the help, everyone.


'86 Audi 4kq
'88 1JZ Supra
'72 240Z
Chapel Hill, NC

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