crank seal - NEW Question!!!

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Apr 21 15:35:52 EDT 2004

> changing a crank seal while installing a new timing belt:

>> But if its not leaking, why change it ??

It has been the "conventional wisdom" ever since I can remember to 
replace the crank seal while doing the timing belt.  In fact, we do the 
water pump and belt idler for the same reason - not because they are bad 
"now" but because it is so much work to get in there that it makes sense 
to replace the other "wear" items while they are readily accessible.

And since the timing belt is being replaced on a time/mileage interval, 
basically *everything* we replace on this job should still theoretically 
be "working."  The point is to replace them before they go bad.

> I followed the same thinking when I last did the timing belt on my 
> 1986 5kcstq. About 15,000 miles later it started leaking. Now I must 
> tear things down to replace the seal even thought the timing belt is 
> good for another 45,000 miles. Either that or live with the drips.

Huw Powell

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